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Product name:HWIC-4ESW
Item:High Speed WIC Card

Manufacturer Part#: Cisco HWIC-4ESW
cisco interface card HWIC-4ESW

Four port 10/100 Ethernet switch interface card
HWIC-4ESW EtherSwitch High Speed WIC Card 

The HWIC-4ESW EtherSwitch ten/100 higher-speed card interface WAN HWIC supported on Cisco 1800 (Modular) / 1941 Cisco 2800/2900, 3800/3900 series and Cisco integrated services routers provide tiny firms to large consumers and branch offices an selection to adapt switching and routing in a single device. This mixture enables ease of configuration, deployment and management even though employing the powerful traits of Cisco routing and Cisco Catalyst Switch Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC modular functions.

They are capable of supplying line-price Layer 2 switching among Ethernet ports utilizing Cisco IOS Catalyst Application. Attributes such as autonomous port detection, Good quality of Service, VLAN assistance from 802.1p and 802.1Q standards, and 802.1D Spanning Tree protocols are regular feats on the Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC. Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC is available in normal 4 or 9 – port ten/100BASE-TX switch HWIC and Energy-more than-Ethernet configurations. 4-port Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC has 4 10/100 Ethernet ports on the prime, with capabilities for inline energy support for all four ports. 9-port Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC has nine on 10/one hundred Ethernet ports, with choices for inline power support for eight and 9 gates. The ninth port does not help inline power but is enabled to be employed as a regular switch port for the cable channels and other normal data applications.

The PoE configurations consist of a four- or 9-port 10/100 BASE-TX and a four – or eight-port card inline energy daughter module. The energy module daughter card homes a power controller for detection, classification, and permit the power to 802.3af powered devices attached to the HWIC’s. The on the internet version of energy Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC can energy Cisco IP phones, Cisco wireless access points, or any IEEE 802.3af compliant device. Help for optional energy line 4 – and 9-port Cisco HWIC 2800/2900 and 3800/3900 series routers Cisco integrated services requires the use of a field replaceable power line.

HWIC-4ESW Spcifications:
Width  7.8 cm 
Depth  12 cm 
Height  1.9 cm 
Weight  79 g 
Device Type  Switch 
Enclosure Type  Plug-in module 
Interfaces  4 x network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45 
Compatible Slots  1 x expansion slot 
Additional Information  •Operating Altitude: derate 1.5ðC per 1000 feet 
Ports Qty  4 x Ethernet 10Base-T, Ethernet 100Base-TX 
Data Transfer Rate  100 Mbps 
Data Link Protocol  Ethernet, Fast Ethernet 
Remote Management Protocol  SNMP 1, SNMP 2, Telnet, SNMP 3 
Connectivity Technology  Wired 
Communication Mode  Half-duplex, full-duplex 
Switching Protocol  Ethernet 
Status Indicators  Port status 
Features  Flow control, full duplex capability, layer 2 switching, auto-sensing per device, auto-negotiation, trunking, VLAN support, auto-uplink (auto MDI/MDI-X) 
Compliant Standards  IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.1x 
OS Required  Cisco IOS 12.3(8)T 
Min Operating Temperature  0 ðC 
Max Operating Temperature  40 ðC 
Humidity Range Operating  10 - 85%  

HWIC-4ESW Internal Redundant Pwr Supply 
For the Cisco 3845, 3925 and 3945 router only

HWIC-4ESW Reg. Compliance, Safety, EMC
When installed in a Cisco 1841, Cisco 2800, or Cisco 3800 router, the Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC meets the standards (regulatory compliance, safety, EMC) of the router itself. Refer to the data sheets for the Cisco 1841, Cisco 2800, and Cisco 3800 series routers for more deta

HWIC-4ESW Supported Router Platforms
Cisco 1800 (modular), 2800, 3800, 1900, 2900, 3900 series integrated services routers: ils

HWIC-4ESW Connectors and Cabling
• 10BASE-T ports: RJ-45 connectors, two-pair Category 3, 4, or 5 unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cabling • 100BASE-TX ports: RJ-45 connectors; two-pair Category 5 UTP cabling

HWIC-4ESW IEEE Protocols -
Ethernet: IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T - Fast Ethernet: IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX - IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol - IEEE 802.1p CoS for Traffic Prioritization - IEEE 802.1q VLAN - IEEE 802.1x Security - IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex - IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet Standard

HWIC-4ESW Manageability -
SNMP and Telnet interface support delivers comprehensive in-band management, and a CLI management console provides detailed out-of-band management. - An embedded Remote Monitoring (RMON) software agent supports four RMON groups (history, statistics, alarms, and events) for enhanced traffic management, monitoring, and analysis. - A Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) port can mirror traffic from one or many ports to another port for monitoring all nine RMON groups with an RMON probe or network analyzer. - Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) reduces the cost of administering software upgrades by downloading from a centralized location. - Network Timing Protocol (NTP) provides an accurate and consistent time stamp to all switches within the intranet. - Two LEDs per port provide convenient visual indication of the port link and inline power status. - Crash information support helps enable a switch to generate a crash file for improved troubleshooting. - Show-interface capabilities provide information about the configuration capabilities of any interface. - The Response Time Monitoring (RTTMON) MIB allows users to monitor network performance between the HWIC switch and a remote device.

Sea Tel International Networks

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15 HWIC-3G-HSPA-A Radio Modem RJ-45 interface for use with third-party diagnostics
16 HWIC-4A/S 4-Port Async/Sync Serial HWIC 4 x Synchronous /Asynchronous Serial WAN Network
17 HWIC-3G-CDMA-S Wireless cellular modem 1 x antenna - TNC x 2 1 x management
18 HWIC-1DSU-T1 WAN Interface Card  1-Port Channelized E1/T1/ISDN-PRI HWIC
19 HWIC-AP-AG-B Access Point Interface Card  Wireless Radio access point
20 HWIC-4T1/E1 Plug-in module Expansion module - 4 ports
21 HWIC-1B-U WAN Interface Card   Plug-in module RJ-49C
22 HWIC-CABLE-D-2 Cable modem 1 x modem - HFC - F connector
23 HWIC-ADSL-B/ST ISDN / DSL modem combo   
24 HWIC-16A expansion module 16-Port  for Cisco Integrated Services Routers
25 HWIC-1B-U  WAN Interface Card 1-Port ISDN BRI U High-Speed WAN Interface Card
26 HWIC-8A High-Speed WAN Interface Card  8 x serial - RS-232
27 HWIC-CABLE-D-2 High-Speed WAN Card   
29 HWIC-4B-S/T High-Speed WAN Interface Card  4 x RJ-45 ISDN BRI (S/T)
30 HWIC-2A/S WAN Interface Card  2 x Asynchronous/Synchronous Serial
31 HWIC-1T-C WAN Interface Card   1 x Asynchronous/Synchronous Serial
32 HWIC-4B-S High-Speed WAN Interface Card 4 x RJ-45 ISDN BRI (S/T)
33 HWIC-3G-HSPA-A Cisco Radio Modem  
34 HWIC-2SER Cisco Plug-in module  
35 HWIC-8A/S-232 WAN Interface Card (WIC) 2 x Connector
8 x Port Asynchronous/ Synchronous Serial
36 HWIC-CABLE-E/J-2 Cisco Cable modem  
37 HWIC-4ESW-C Ethernet switch interface card  4-port Cisco EtherSwitch 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
38 HWIC-4SHDSL WAN Interface Card  4 x modem - SHDSL - RJ-45
39 HWIC-8A/S-RS232 HWIC Interface Card   8 x serial - asynchronous/synchronous
Compatible Slots: 1 x Expansion Slot
40 HWIC-AP Cisco WAN Interface Card  
41 HWIC-1ADSL-B-ST Cisco WAN Interface Card  
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