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Product name:ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9
Manufacturer Part#:  ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 
  Cisco security firewall

ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 Cisco security and VPN

The Cisco ASA 5510 Adaptive Security Appliance
delivers advanced security and networking services for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise remote/branch offices in an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective appliance. These services can be easily managed and monitored by the integrated, Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager application, thus reducing the overall deployment and operations costs associated with providing this high level of security. The Cisco ASA 5510 Adaptive Security Appliance provides high-performance firewall and VPN services and five integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet interfaces. It optionally provides high-performance intrusion prevention and worm mitigation services through the AIP SSM, or comprehensive malware protection services through the CSC SSM. 

ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 General Information:
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc 
Brand Name: Cisco 
Product Series: 5500 
Product Model: 5510 
Product Name: 5510 Adaptive Security Appliance 
Product Type: VPN/Firewall 
Cisco ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 Interfaces/Ports:
Number of Ports: 7 
Gigabit Ethernet Port: Yes 
Interfaces/Ports: 1 x RJ-45 Console Management 
Interfaces/Ports: 2 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-T LAN 
Interfaces/Ports: 5 x RJ-45 10/100Base-TX LAN 
Interfaces/Ports: 2 x USB 2.0 
Interfaces/Ports: 1 x RJ-45 Auxiliary Management 
Cisco ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 Technical Information:
Virtualization: 2 SSL VPN Peers 
Virtualization: 50000 Concurrent Connections 
Virtualization: 2 Security Contexts 
Virtualization: 50 802.1Q VLAN Support 
Virtualization: 9000 Connections/Sec 
Virtualization: 250 IPSec VPN Peers 
Firewall Protection: URL Filtering 
Firewall Protection: Anti-spam 
Firewall Protection: Antivirus 
Firewall Protection: Malware Protection 
Firewall Protection: Intrusion Detection 
Firewall Protection: Anti-phishing 
Firewall Protection: Anti-spyware 
Firewall Protection: Worm Scanning 
Firewall Protection: Intrusion Prevention 
Encryption Standard: AES 
Encryption Standard: 3DES 
Cisco ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 Media & Performance:
Encryption Throughput: 170 Mbps 
Firewall Throughput: 300 Mbps 
Cisco ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 I/O Expansions:
Number of Expansion Slots: 2 
Expansion Slots: (1 Total) CompactFlash (CF) Card 
Expansion Slots: (1 Total) SSM 
Cisco ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 Management & Protocols:
Management: Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager 
Cisco ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 Memory:
Standard Memory: 256 MB 
Flash Memory: 64 MB 
Cisco ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 Power Description:
Input Voltage: 220 V AC 
Input Voltage: 110 V AC 
Input Voltage Range: 100V AC to 240V AC 
Power Source: Power Supply  
Cisco ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 Physical Characteristics:
Compatible Rack Unit: 1U 
Form Factor: Rack-mountable 
Dimensions: 1.75 Height x 17.5 Width x 14.25 Depth 
Weight: 20 lb

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ASA5580-40-8GE-K9  ASA5505-BUN-K9 ASA5510-SSL100-K9  ASA5540-AIP40-K9 
ASA5580-40-BUN-K9 ASA5505-SEC-BUN-K8 ASA5510-SSL250-K9  ASA5540-BUN-K9 
ASA5505-50-BUN-K8 ASA5505-SSL10-K8 ASA5510-SSL50-K9  ASA5540-DC-K8 
ASA5505-UL-BUN-K8  ASA5505-SSL10-K9 ASA5520-AIP10-K8  ASA5540-K8 
ASA5510-AIP10-K8  ASA5505-SSL25-K8 ASA5520-AIP10-K9  ASA5540-SSL1000-K9 
ASA5510-BUN-K9  ASA5505-SSL25-K9 ASA5520-AIP20-K8  ASA5540-SSL2500-K9 
ASA5520-AIP20-K9  ASA5510-AIP-NFR-K9 ASA5520-AIP40-K8  ASA5540-UC-BUN-K8 
ASA5510-AIP10-K9  ASA5510-AIP10SP-K8 ASA5520-AIP40-K9  ASA5540-UC-BUN-K9 
ASA5510-K8 ASA5510-AIP10SP-K9 ASA5520-CSC-PRM-K9  ASA5550-BUN-K9 
ASA5520-DC-K8  ASA5510-AIP20SP-K8 ASA5520-CSC20-K9  ASA5550-DC-K8 
ASA5520-K8  ASA5510-AIP20SP-K9 ASA5520-SSL500-K9  ASA5550-K8 
ASA5505-K8  ASA5515-K9 ASA5510-K8 ASA5540-K8 

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