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Product name:7609-2SUP7203B-2PS
Item:7600 Series Router
Manufacturer Part#: Cisco 7609-2SUP7203B-2PS
7609-2SUP7203B-2PS 7600 Series Router

7609-2SUP7203B-2PS - Router - 7 x Expansion Slot - 2 x 10/100/1000Base-T LAN

7609-2SUP7203B-2PS General Information
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc
Brand Name: Cisco
Product Series: 7600
Product Model: 7609
Product Name: 7609 Router
Product Type: Router

Cisco 7609-2SUP7203B-2PS Interfaces/Ports
Number of Ports: 2
Gigabit Ethernet Port: Yes
Interfaces/Ports: 2 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-T LAN
Interfaces/Ports: 2 x RJ-45 Console Management

Cisco 7609-2SUP7203B-2PS Media & Performance
Connectivity Media: Twisted Pair
Forwarding/Filtering Rate: 400Mpps

Cisco 7609-2SUP7203B-2PS I/O Expansions
Number of Expansion Slots: 15
Expansion Slots: (2 Total /2 Populated) Supervisor Engine
Expansion Slots: (2 Total) CompactFlash (CF) Card
Expansion Slots: (7 Total) Expansion Slot
Expansion Slots: (4 Total) SFP (mini-GBIC)
Modules: 2 x WS-SUP720-3B Supervisor Engine

7609-2SUP7203B-2PS Physical Characteristics
Compatible Rack Unit: 21U
Form Factor: Rack-mountable
Dimensions: 36.75 Height x 17.2 Width x 20.7 Depth
Weight: 270 lb

Sea Tel International Co., Limited CISCO 7600 Series Router
7604-RSP720C-P 7609-S323B-8G-R 7613-SUP7203B-PS 7606-SUP7203B-PS 7603-SUP720XL-PS
7609S-RSP720C-R 7609-S323B-8G-P CISCO7606-CHASS 7606-SUP720XL-PS 7604-2SUP720XL-2PS
7606-RSP720C-R 7606-S323B-8G-P 7613-2SUP7203B-2PS 7606-2SUP720XL-2PS 7613-VPN+-K9
7609S-SUP720B-R 7604-S323B-8G-P 7613-S323B-10G-P 7606-2SUP7203B-2PS 7613-RSP720CXLP
7604-RSP720C-R 7604-2SUP7203B-2PS 7613-SUP720XL-PS 7606S-RSP720CXL-P 7613-RSP720CXLR
CISCO7606-S OSR-7609-DC 7609-SUP7203B-PS 7606S-S32-8G-B-P 7609S-S32-8GBR
7606S-SUP720B-R CISCO7613 7613-S323B-10GR 7606-S323B-10G-P 7613-RSP720C-P
CISCO7609-S 7604-S323B-8G-R 7609-SUP720XL-PS 7606S-S32-8G-B-R 7609S-S32-8GBP
7606S-RSP720C-R OSR-7609-AC 7609S-RSP720CXL 7606-RSP720CXL-R 7613-RSP720C-R
7609S-SUP720B-P CISCO7603 7609S-RSP720CXL-RP 7606-RSP720CXL-P 7609S-S32-10GBR
CISCO7609-S 7609S-SUP720BXL-P 7609-RSP720CXLP 7606-S323B-10G-R 7609S-S32-10GBP
CISCO 7609 CISCO7604 7609-DC-BUN-2PS 7606-DC-BUN 7609-VPN+-K9
7609S-RSP720C-P 7609S-SUP720BXL-R 7609-S323B-10G-P 7606S-RSP720CXL-R 7609S-S32-10GBP
7606S-RSP720CXL-P 7606-AC-BUN 7609-2SUP720XL-2PS 7604-SUP7203B-PS 7606S-SUP720B-P
7609-RSP720C-R 7613-2SUP720XL-2PS 7609-DC-BUN-2PS 7604-SUP720XL-PS 7606S-S32-10GBR
7609-RSP720C-P 7609-SUP720-PS 7609-2SUP7203B-2PS 7604-S323B-10G-R 7604-VPN+-K9
7606-S323B-8G-R 7609-AC-BUN 7609-DC-BUN 7604-RSP720CXL-P 7606-VPN+-K9
7613-S323B-8G-R CISCO7603-CHASS 7609-RSP720CXL-R 7604-RSP720CXL-R 7606S-S32-10GBP
7606-RSP720C-P CISCO7609 7606S-SUP720BXL-R 7604-S323B-10G-P 7603S-SUP720B-P
7613-S323B-8G-P CISCO7606 7606S-SUP720BXL-P CISCO7609-CHASS 7603S-RSP720C-R
RSP720-3C-GE RSP720-3CXL-GE CISCO 7606-S 7603S-RSP720C-P 7609-DC-BUN-2500W

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7600 Series Router
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